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THA started when two women, both impacted by sexual betrayal trauma and sex addicted spouses, wanted to do more to help other women devastated by the same experience.

They realized that while it was important for their husbands to heal, it was equally important that they were able to get the help they needed in order to set boundaries, establish safety, work through current and past traumas and protect their individuality and sense of self through the healing process.

THA was founded to provide the gift of trauma recovery support to other women who may need the extra support financially.

Below is the form to apply for a scholarship! If you are approved, we will pair you with a betrayal recovery coach on our Tara Hope team. This means that the coach has high quality certifications, regularly works with betrayed spouses, and will never gaslight you, blame you for your husbands addiction or tell you that porn is “just porn”.

At THA, we have high standards and believe that porn is unacceptable in any circumstance. We want to make sure that when receive coaching it is a safe place for healing.

When a scholarship is approved, you will be notified on next steps!

Scholarships currently offered by THA (*fees are paid directly to the provider):

-100% of coaching fees for 24 sessions (approximately 4 (weekly) sessions/month for 6 months ($3,600)

-50% of coaching fees for 24 sessions (approximately 4 (weekly) sessions/month for 6 months ($1,800)

To be flexible with schedules and life changes, sessions can be used within 1 year. At that time the scholarship expires (even is sessions are left).

Which best describes you:

What financial barriers currently stand in the way of you receiving the coaching you need?

In order to be approved for the scholarship, we want to ensure that safety and accountability are available for both the client and the therapist. Without sharing session details or personal information, we will be asking your therapist to verify that you are: showing up to sessions, participating in the work, involved in the process. Please check below that you agree to these terms.

We ask that you stay in communication with us throughout your scholarship time. Are you willing to give us feedback on the therapist you work with? (i.e. you really love them and find them to be a great fit, or, they said something that really turned you off and you request another) We want to make sure that the therapists we recommend and pair people with are the best fit, are safe, and provide the best opportunity for healing. You are not required to share with us details of your coaching sessions.

11 + 4 =

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