Who We Are

Tara Hope Alliance is a non-profit organization created to provide resources, education and financial support to women who discover their lives upended from sexual betrayal trauma.


It is our goal to provide HOPE...

…encouragement and healing by connecting you to resources that can empower you in your beautiful individuality as you move forward from what is arguably one of the most devastatingly painful discoveries you can make.

At Tara Hope, our goal is YOUR health. This means that we prioritize your mental and physical well being beyond that of your marital status.

We understand that in some cases marriages may be saved, men healed, and lives restored. This is possible, beautiful and a wonderful thing that we support wholeheartedly. However, we also know that when the marriage is prioritized over sobriety, the betrayed partner often does not get the attention or support needed to fully recover from the trauma of the infidelity.

We want to empower you (the betrayed partner) to feel confident in your health and decisions and so that whatever you end up choosing for yourself, you are able to live a full, happy, and content life.

Why "Tara Hope Alliance"

When Kylene discovered that her husband was a cybersex addict, she immediately reached out to her friend Tara who had been brave enough to share her story years earlier. Tara’s husband was also a sex addict and they had been working on their healing for several years prior to Kylene’s discovery. Tara was able to support Kylene, provide her with resources, terminology, friendship and recommendations that completely changed the trajectory of healing for Kylene and her husband Patrick.

When the idea first came about to create Tara Hope, we could think of no better name since what Tara provided for Kylene is exactly what we hope to provide for you. Resources, support, and most importantly, HOPE.

Ready to make a difference?

As a contributor to Tara Hope Alliance we make sure your donation goes directly to supporting our cause.


Are you looking for Support?

Designed to support women mentally, emotionally, and physically – your recovery starts here.

About Kylene

Kylene Terhune discovered, after about 8 years of marriage, that her husband was a cybersex addict and had been acting out for most of their marriage. After processing the shock, devastation, grief and realization that her faithful marriage up to this point was a lie, she began to learn everything she should about sex addiction and betrayal trauma.

Kylene’s husband Patrick was ready to be sober and find his own resources, education, trauma therapy, and support groups immediately.

Because of his commitment to full recovery, they are still currently together. Her husband is over 1 year sober and they are continuing to actively work towards long term reconciliation.

Soon after her discovery, Kylene dove headfirst into the most up to date research and information on sexual betrayal trauma and sex addiction, incuding trauma therapy, support groups in person and online, and dozens of books and resources.

As she pursued her own healing journey, she realized how blessed she was that she could financially support herself through this process with all the resources recommended to her, but she realized that not everyone may be able to do the same.

Tara Hope was born out of the goal to make trauma therapy more accessible to women in financial need.

She also discovered how emotionally devastating betrayal trauma is and how quickly the stress can take a toll on your physical health. She created this for-profit program designed to support women mentally, emotionally and physically through betrayal trauma recovery.